Bus Driver Killed In Massive 100 Car Pile-Up


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A chilling video footage posted by Conway Missouri Fire Department on Facebook shows a massive pileup shows dozens of cars and a number of lorries involved in a horrific crash as heavy snow chaos on a busy motorway leaving one driver dead, emergency services declared.

Cars, vans and lorries could be seen colliding as they frantically try to avoid plowing into each other on the three-lane on Tuesday.

The crash killed Dana Easter, 53, of Independence, Missouri, authorities said. Easter was driving a bus when five vehicles collided with each other, causing several injuries. The five people were taken to hospital for treatment. though police officials could not provide an exact number of those injured.

Traffic was backed up on the highway so far that Story County Sheriff’s Capt. Barry Thomas said he could not see from one end of the pileup to the other. Vehicles are seen turning off the road onto snow-covered grassland as they desperately try to avoid high-speed collisions.


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