Business Man Arrested in Place of Nephew Dies in Police Custody


A business man has died in the custody of the Oyo State police command after he was arrested in place of his Nephew by officers.

According to a report by Punch, Kehinde Omotosho was arressted by officers from the State criminal investigation department in place of his nephew, Kabiru Rasaq, at his home in the Alajameta area of Ibadan.

Officers stormed the home looking for Rasaq for being allegedly involved in a public fracas.

When they didn’t find their target, the officers arrested Omotosho and the younger sibling of their target, Jelili Rasaq and took them to the state CID office at Iyaganku.

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Efforts by family members to see the arrested duo proved abortive until Omotosho died in custody seven days after being arrested.

Speaking on the incident after his release on Wednesday, Jelili Rasaq said;

The police invaded our street last Thursday around 1am and started shooting continuously, which created panic because we thought that they were armed robbers.

*When they got to our doorstep and asked us to open the door, we were scared. But when they said they were policemen, we opened.

They rushed in and asked where Kabiru was. We told them that he was not around. They searched everywhere and when they did not see him, they took us away.

They went round to arrest some other people in their houses and took all of us to the Agugu Police Station. They later transferred us to the state CID that night.

“Our family members did not know our whereabouts. We were taken to see the Officer-in-Charge on Monday. He asked us if we knew Kabiru and the deceased told them that he would produce him.

“The OC took us to another senior officer and told him that the deceased said he would produce Kabiru. The senior officer ordered that our bail should be prepared and that our family members should be contacted.”

When we got back to our cell, I noticed that the deceased became incoherent and was not breathing well. I notified the police, but he died before he was rushed to the hospital.

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