Cancer-Causing Oil Allegation: Nutella Maker Fights Back With New Ad Campaign

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The maker of Nutella, Ferrero has reacted to allegations that the palm oil it used in making the hazelnut and chocolate spreads has potentials of causing cancer.

Recall that the European Food Standards Authority had in May 2016 warned against the possibility of a carcinogenic matter found in the oil used in making the spreads adding that consumption of the oil could lead higher risk exposure in children.

Due to the claim, several retailers including the biggest supermarket in Italy, Coop, have steered clear of the spread as a precaution against possible cancer causing food.

Ferrero has however responded to the claims through a new advertising campaign which reassures customers and consumer of the safety and healthy status of the product.

Ferrro maintained that its decision to stick with the product is purely based on quality and not the cost adding that “making Nutella without palm oil would produce an inferior substitute for the real product, it would be a step backward,” according to the purchasing manager, Vincenzo Tapella in a chat with Reuters.

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