Gunmen say Slain Catholic priest was destined for death, plead Leniency


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Tragedy struck and it caused an uproar in St Benard’s parish,  okpoga, benue state over the murder of a priest

The Parish priest of the church, Rev John Okoga, was kidnapped, by some men who demanded for a ransom of N1.7million from the family.

Despite the negotiations between the family and the kidnappers for his release,  he was found murdered by the gun men.

The  perpetrators have been caught by the policemen in the state. The leader of the group is 30-year-old Suleman Gina.

The others involved in the murder were Saidu  Abdullahi, the deputy leader, Aliyu Garba, and Haruna Idi.

The suspects were arrested between September 1st and 14th in Bauchi,  Enugu and Benue states.

Police men in charge of the case,  were led by the suspects to the bush in Orokam, where they hid the three guns used in perpetrating the act.

The suspects  leader gave a confessional statement:

“He did not do anything to us, and I think his death was destined.

“We killed him after collecting ransom from his family because vigilante and villagers were closing in on us, so we killed him.

“We collected the ransom and hid it in the bush in one of the villages instead of saving it in the bank. We don’t have anything else to say than to say sorry to the man’s family, and plead that the government have mercy on us”

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