25m Nigerian Children were Never Vaccinated for Measles


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The National Primary Health Care Development Agency has revealed that more than 25 million children born in the last five years have never had any vaccination against measles.


The Agency’s director, Dr Damaris Onwuka said “There are still children among those suspected or confirmed cases of measles. Over 63 per cent are zero doses, which means they have never had any immunisation.


The agency is planning a targeted nationwide campaign to immunise at least 39 million children aged nine months to 59 months this November and early next year


Onwuka explained that national coverage of measles vaccine, when combined with oral polio vaccination, did not exceed 70 per cent between 2003 and 2010.


The campaign will cost an estimated $45.5 million. About 10 per cent of the entire campaign cost is funded by the federal and state government, contributing $3.731 million to operational spending.


The rest is paid for by international donors through the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative, GAVI.

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