Citizens Disgusted By, Vulcaniser Who Bloodily Hacks His Wife Apart

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Nkere Uta a vulcaniser in Mbiabam Ibiono community in Ibiono Ibom Local GOvernment Area of Akwa Ibom State, Reportedly chopped his wife up Mrs. Bella Uta on Monday.

Bella Uta, had five children for him and was in her early 30s.

A photograph Acquired by a Punch correspondent depicts the woman face down in a pool of her own blood. Her face, neck and the entire head region were severely hacked open with what is likely to be a very sharp object and blood was gushing out of her head.

Her left arm appears to have been hacked off, and lies awkwardly underneath her body and flung right beside the right arm.
Bella was wearing jeans with a flower-patterned blouse and a wrapper, Bella’s face also appeared to have an open gash across where her eyes had been, implying that she was cut deeply on her face.

An anonymous source said that the vulcaniser had had mental illness in the past but was said to have recovered.
Another source stated that Bella was a very beautiful woman, and Nkere had always been insecure in the relationship due to his low financial and social status.

The incident occurred at about 8 am after the bloody act, Nkere is alleged to have barred blocked the doorway to his home threatening to kill snoopers, until police were able to come and apprehend him.

Nkere and Bella attended Sunday church together along with their five children. She was also loved in the community and known for being industrious with her work.

Odiko McDon the state Police Public Relations Officer, verified the incident and said the suspect has been arrested by Itam Division of the state command.

When asked about the suspects motive behind the killing, Odiko replied via WhatsApp: “Investigation is in progress, you will be communicated to, please.”

Some people on social media have reacted to the disturbing news, read some comments below:

Solomon Johnny wrote;
“Pastors must stop preaching “till death do you apart” so that if the security and safety of either of the spouse is threatened, he or she can step aside. The rate at which we read this kind of news these days, justifies this position.”

Zainab Umoren wrote;
“No woman should tolerate domestic violence for any reason. If a man dat calls himself ur husband doesn’t know yr worth,pls leave n stay alive for ur children. R.I.P madam.”

Okpongete George wrote;
“I weep for this state
I weep for this nation
Humans hv gradually turned into animals
This is wickedness. The end time is near”

Obi Mike wrote;
“Because she looks like a cow and there is no meat in the house. It’s painful how someone you said you loved becomes an enemy and you get to the point where you hate each other so much you want to end their life please just separate and dissolve the marriage. It’s not worth it!”

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