Coronavirus: Landlord Evicts Sex Workers over Fear of Transmission

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Some commercial sex workers have been evicted from their quarters in Benin City due to fears of Coronavirus transmission.

The sex workers were evicted from a hotel at Ugbague within Oredo local government area because the owner of the building has fears the women will help to spread Coronavirus in the area.

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The landlord of the hotel simply identified as Osagie said he considered the eviction necessary because the Coronavirus can be easily transmitted from one person to another.

He said further that if one of the sex workers becomes Infected with the virus, everyone else at the hotel will be infected as well

“I asked the prostitutes occupying my buildings to go home and meet their children and families at their various states because if any man who has the virus, meets any of them, they can easily share it among themselves.

“Like me now, I have children and I can’t ask my children not to embrace me and you know that these prostitutes are occupying my buildings and I am the one managing the facilities and so, I asked them to go home and stay with their children until the coronavirus is over” he said.

He said he’d rather die of hunger than Coronavirus while adding that some of the sex workers had complied and gone to their families.

Others were however trapped in the hotel because of the closure of state borders.

“Though a brothel business has not been legalized in the country, I have to help to curtail the spread of the virus by asking them to take a break and go home.”

The commercial sex workers who declined comment on their eviction, said ” they ask you to stay at home, you are still moving around and refused to patronise us.”

He concluded.

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