COVID-19: Compulsory Immunity Passports to be Unveiled in 15 Countries


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A Mass tracking COVID-19 immunity passport which will determine if individuals can access basic services like restaurants or need a medical test is expected to be rolled out in 15 countries as parts of a post COVID-19 global agenda being spearheaded by Bill Gates, the United Kingdom, the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

According to a report by Zero Hedge, a British Cyber security company, VTS Enterprise LTD, alongside some other tech firms have planned to produce a digital health passport that is expected to contain the COVID-19 test history as well as other relevant health information of an individual across 15 countries. According to the company, the digital health passport is expected to be a pass for individuals to return safely to work and resume social interaction.

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The objectives of this COVID-19 immunity passport is akin to what Bill Gates, the Microsoft millionaire has been campaigning for just before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Bill Gates has consistently expressed support for strict lockdown measures imposed to contain the spread of the virus and has been lobbying for mass tracking and surveillance technology in the United States.

He advocated for the voluntary adoption of digital tools so that we can;

“Remember where [we] have been” and can “choose to share it with whoever comes to interview you about your contacts.”


Bill Gates has also advocated that the ability for individuals to attend public events will depend on the discovery of a coronavirus vaccine which he has been working on in collaboration with the WHO. This action and line of thought has drawn criticisms from individuals around the world who have accused the Billionaire of trying to create a one world order.

His rhetoric is now being echoed by VTS which is involved in cyber Technology projects across all 193 member states of the United Nations as well as an endorsement by former Prime Minister Theresa May regarding the new COVID passport.

VTS is also working in collaboration with Redstrike Group, a sports marketing consultancy firm, working closely with the English Premier League to make sure that tickets are only sold to people who have tested negative for COVID-19 and have the immunity passports.

VTS now has a direct partnership with the UK and 15 other countries including; Italy, Portugal, France, India, United States, Canada, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands to produce and deploy its technology.

Also in May, the company entered into an agreement with Circle Pass Enterprises (CPE), a digital health technology firm which owns the right to COVI-PASS (COCID-19 Immunity Passport), to integrate its VCode into the biometric RFID- enabled passports which will make it accessible via mobile phones.

This is to make it easier to distinguish between people who have tested positive or negative to the virus as well as those who can be allowed to access certain services based on the ri health status as read on the COVID immunity passport.

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  1. silververitas says

    Just what the Nazi did…look at the movie Casablanca: “paper please!”

  2. Karen Taylor says

    They’re going to have to shoot me dead in the street rather than letting them give me the vaccine that Gates won’t even allow his family to get. I am 70 and have lived a good life. If it comes to that I will gladly be shot and out of the nightmare.

  3. Anonymous says

    This virus is no more deadly than 2018 flu virus … it’s quite clear this situation is about control and not a virus so for that very reason I will have to decline any immunity passports.. as for the vaccine I would never be so foolish as to inject a dose of a newly created virus into my body especially since an effective coronavirus has failed for the last 30 years.. these virus’ will dilute into the population and immunity will be reached.

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