COVID19: Brides-to-be Sad over Postponement of Weddings


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Three brides-to-be, whose wedding ceremonies were to take place on Saturday (March 28), said they were sad and devastated over the postponement of their weddings.

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The about to-be brides spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interview on Friday in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

One of the brides-to -be, Miss Islammiyyah Adegoke, who was supposed to have her Nikkai ceremony on Saturday, said that she was tempted to still go ahead with the event.

She said that she had long awaited the day she would get married and all preparations had been made but had to postpone for fear that no one would show up.

“All preparation has been made but I had to start calling them to hold on till further notice even the baker said that she had broken the eggs and said that I had to pay for them.

“I felt so heart-broken when I realised that we will have to postpone the wedding indefinitely, I want for my wedding to take place no matter what it will take.

“I later thought about how much I had spent already and imagined preparing lots of food and no one shows up for the event because of the fear of Corona virus disease, so I concluded that God’s time is the best,” she said.

Miss Olutayo Adekoya said that with a heavy heart she had to call it off and text her guests to inform them of the postponement of her engagement, church wedding and reception which was supposed to take place on Saturday.

She added that so much money and efforts had gone into the preparation for her day and suddenly she had to postpone it indefinitely.

“I have to postpone my wedding until God knows when, we have paid the event planner a huge sum of money.

“When I asked for a refund, even if it was half of the money we paid because we do not know when all this will be over, she stopped picking my calls.

“All my friends, family and loved ones have bought our “Aso ebi”, makeup artist have  been paid, event center have been booked, I am so sad about the turn of event.

“Saturday was supposed to be the day I walk down the aisle with my heartthrob, but because of coronavirus that will not happen,” the bride-to-be lamented.

Adekoya, however, prayed for God’s intervention over the pandemic ravaging the world.

Miss Kimberly Okoye said that she regretted not having her wedding in the beginning of the year as the “stay home” policy would have been an opportunity for a holiday.

She said it would have been a chance to have a great honeymoon with her husband if they had been married.

Okoye added that although she was not happy to have her church wedding and reception cancelled and postponed, but that it was a good precautionary measure by the government to ban all social gathering.

“Who would want to go through the horrors and death that COVID-19 brings because of a plate of rice?

“I just wished I had my wedding earlier this year because this would have been a good chance to have our honeymoon.

“I hope and pray that an end comes to coronavirus soon so that we can all go back to our normal lives and activities,” she said.

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