Daniel Radcliffe Opens Up about how He Turned To Alcohol to Cope With End of Harry Potter Franchise


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26-year-old actor Daniel Radcliffe in a recent interview revealed that he went on nights out with fans in a bid to cope with the loss of his daily routine after the Harry Potter franchise came to an end.

The British actor, who hasn’t had a drink in over two years, opened up about feeling ‘pretty inconsolable’ during an appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

‘There was definitely a time when I was coming out of Potter into the real world, and suddenly I was in a world when I was not in that consistency anymore. I was living alone, and I think I was really freaked out… I drank a lot, as has been recorded, but I think that was more to do with going out in public and having a battle within me of thinking, “No I can have a totally normal life”.’

Daniel – who was cast as Harry Potter aged just 10 – did his best to turn his life around, explaining, ‘You get bored of waking up feeling like that’.

Since J.K. Rowling’s wizarding franchise came to an end, the star has landed a wide range of roles in everything from horror film The Woman in Black and indie flick Kill Your Darlings.

‘I was very lucky that people gave me opportunities directly after Potter finished to play more grown up stuff, because I could have been getting teen offer type stuff,’ he said.


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