Dark Side of Seeking Justice for Mohbad, Churchill Calls Out Cyberbullies

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Nigerian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Olakunke Churchill, has weighed in on the recent death of popular singer Mohbad, using a thought-provoking post to subtly address a prevalent issue.

Olakunke Churchill

Churchill took to his Instagram page to share a post by socialite Pretty Mike, echoing his sentiments. Pretty Mike expressed that some individuals demanding justice for Mohbad may inadvertently share similarities with those who oppressed the late singer.

Pretty Mike’s post delved into the actions of people who, in their personal disagreements, resort to harming and tarnishing the reputations of others. He urged for introspection, highlighting how harmful actions can affect others.

Olakunke Churchill

Churchill, resonating with the post, reposted it on his verified Instagram page, emphasizing that cyberbullies and blackmailers are worse than witches and wizards. He expressed disappointment in how some are exploiting Mohbad’s tragedy for attention and pretending to show support publicly.

He wrote, “Pretty Mike of Lagos is one of the smartest people I know in the industry. He literally took words out of my mouth with this post. As we’re seeking Justice for Mohbad, let’s stop being cyberbullies ourselves.”

Churchill stressed that there is no distinction between cyberbullies and the alleged attackers of the young artist. He underscored that blackmailers and bullies are even worse than witches and wizards, expressing sadness that they exploit tragedies for attention.

In conclusion, Churchill urged everyone to refrain from pulling people down while hiding behind keyboards, promoting a more compassionate and empathetic approach to online interactions.

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