Delta Vigilante Group Torture Man to Death over N70,000


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A vigilante group in Delta State tortured a 26 year old man to death for allegedly stealing N70,000.

The incident occured on Friday in Irri Community, Isoko south local government area of Delta State. The 26 year old was killed by a Vigilante group led by his Uncle who accused him of stealing the said amount.

The vigilante member accused his Nephew of stealing the money after listening to a phone conversation when he revealed that he had such amount of money in the house.

According to eye witness accounts, the boy confessed to stealing the money under extreme torture from members of the vigilante group.

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Members of the Community were forced to come to his rescue from the vigilante members but he was already unconscious and died upon getting to the Hospital.

The eye witness said,

“In the course of his stay, he was accused of stealing N70,000 kept in the custody of his uncle, which he later confessed to after severe torture.

“Though the boy was not the only person in the house when the money got missing, but the uncle’s suspicion towards his nephew was because he was the only one who heard the phone conversation the uncle had with a friend over the N70, 000 kept in the house.

When the uncle discovered that the money had been stolen, he summoned the nephew for interrogation and had him severely beaten up, but didn’t get any positive response from the victim; he consequently invited other members of his group.

The vigilantes came and brutally tortured the victim; before the intervention of neighbours, he was already unconscious and finally died before they could rushed him to hospital.”

Other sources stated that the family of the deceased man paid the allegedly stolen N70,000 back to the vigilante and demanded the return of their son alive.

While the police is yet to officially confirm or deny the report, village sources say, several people have been arrested in connection with the Extra judicial killing while several others involved have fled the Community.

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