Black Heads: Dealing With The Enemy Within


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The enemy. That’s what they are. Isn’t it enough struggle to deal with acne?  Angry acne that literally pops out of our skin. Sadly, now we ALSO have to reckon with black heads, forces we cannot see, but can feel you know, sort of like speed bumps on our skin. ugh


I’m one of those endowed with both facial maladies, and with time I’ve had to learn how to deal with them.

I started out having to visit to the spa every week for facials – although not precisely facials, as just the extraction part was crucial for me. Repeat visits became routine because- the popped black head pores kept refilling and I knew I had to find a way to delete that weekly expense.


Penny wise, I started out by buying my own extractor, and gradually developed a method that works. I could tell it worked because gradually, I didn’t have to extract every week anymore.


Here is what you will need:

  1. Face Wash Cleanserx354-q80
  2. Small Face TowelsSmall Bath Storage-Pedestal Sink Towel Bar
  3. Acne Extractorblackhead-comedone-remover-acne-blemish-pimple-extractor-8477-0556321-1-product
  1. Ice Cubesice_force_full_of_ice_cubes_psd_layered_2_177413
  2. Vitamin E Capsulesvitamin e



  • Cleanse your face thoroughly with the face wash. (I do this first to avoid ruining my face towel with make up)


  • Apply another layer of your face wash, and in a circular upward motion, rub in for about 60 seconds. leave on for another minute or 2.


  • Put your face towel under the running hot water; squeeze out excess water, making sure to leave towel damp.


  • Spread the hot towel over your hands (across your palm) and bury your face in it


  • Leave until cold; This ensures all the steam gets in your face and then wipe off the excess face cleanser with it. Repeat


  • Rinse towels and squeeze dry, use to clean your face leaving face damp- not wet. At this point your face is soft and your pores are open


  • Using your back head extractor, gently press against skin surrounding black head till it pops. then using a sweeping motion clean out black head from pore. Do this round your face where you have black heads. You know you’re done when you run the tip of your middle finger round your entire face, and you feel no bumps. Fresh!


  • Now that the pores are empty, you have to fill them with something, or they will get filled with dirt, make up, or even your moisturizer (which isn’t a great idea). This is where vitamin E comes in, vitamin E is a skin healer. Drink one, and pop another one open. rub contents on your face



Do this about twice a week, until the pores are healed form inside.


Have you tried any other method? Please share!






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