Disaster is Coming, Angels are Warming up for You – Father Mbaka to Buhari


Reverend Father Mbaka has come with more messages for President Buhari again. This time he claims to have seen disaster coming and that Angels are warming up to receive the President.

Father Mbaka in a live sermon from his Adoration Ministry church affirmed the following on Sunday according to one of his church members who decided to share some excerpts of the message on social media.

Father Mbaka said amongst many other things that President Buhari had no reason to put a stop to the killings in the country because he was a former coup plotter; Mbaka says otherwise he would have identified the killers ravaging the country by now.


He continued further that the president would have personally gone to Benue if it was Imams that had been killed. Mbaka accused the president of deliberately avoiding Benue stating that he had no reason not to have attended the burials of victims of violence in Benue.

Supernatural disaster is coming he warned, Angels are warming up, Nigerians should not worry, one day there will be vacancy from Abuja, the jet will park and nobody will use it unless they repent

He said the President declared his intention to run for office again in 2019 as if he knows what will happen between now and the end of the year while telling his congregation that he was just a vessel used by God to deliver a message and anyone who tries to attack him will fail.

He accused the President and his immediate family of using medical facilities abroad when the average Nigerian cannot get treatment from our poorly equipped hospitals. He pointed fingers at the senators and accused them of keeping silent in the face of evil because of what they will benefit from him.

He further alleged that President Buhari would shed tears when disaster strikes as he equated the president to an egg; he opined that the sheep are crying while the shepherd is doing nothing to wipe their tears.

He also accused the APC led government of massive corruption on a spiritual scale as he urged members of the public or the APC who were close to the President to deliver his message to him before it became too late.

Father Mbaka also had a message for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) whom he accused of misruling Nigeria for 16 years, he said they should bury their shame instead that they have no reason to come back to rule the country.

Rev, Father Mbaka was very vocal in his criticism of the Jonathan Administration prior to the 2015 general elections. He has however been largely silent under this new dispensation that he passionately campaigned for from the pulpit.

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