Divide Nigeria Into Six, Let Everyone Go Their Way – COMPPART Executive Director

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A Nigerian human rights activist and state Executive Director of Community Policing Partners for Justice Security and Democratic Reforms, COMPPART, Akwa Ibom state, Saviour Akpan, has called for the secession of Nigeria.

Akpan while making the call noted that Nigeria should be divided into six zones.

The comment comes after a Coalition of Northern Youth Groups called for the exit of Igbo living in the north from the region.

The COMPPART director while reacting to the recent three months ultimatum handed down by the northern youth groups noted that the youths were sponsored by their elders.

He further noted that if the 2014 report of the national conference cannot be implemented, then the nation should consider splitting peacefully into six zones.

While speaking to Vanguard, Akpan said: “I am calling for the implementation of that conference report under Goodluck Jonathan administration because it will help to solve all these agitations in Nigeria.

“What is stopping government from implementing that report? So for me the best option is to divide this country into six so that every section goes their respective ways.

“The quit notice is only a diversionary tactics and those northern youths are sponsored to make that noise.

“And some of those elders supporting them are those who looted this country and now they want to divert our attention and destabilize the country.

“Even if we are not Nigerians, we all have the right to live anywhere, we have the right to acquire and own moveable property anywhere in the word.”

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