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Come and see American wonder! Do you know you can now pay for goods and services in Nigeria simply by taking a picture? Now you know! The impossible has now been made possible thanks to the new payment solution app which is currently trending across social media and social gatherings! The app is none other than the PayWithCapture app which is available for a free download on Android, Blackberry and iOS devices right now!

The PayWIthCapture app is a new payment solution which allows you to pay for goods and services simply by using your phone camera to scan the QR Code of the Merchant or via the use of NFC. With merchants spread across supermarkets, ecommerce stores, telecommunication service providers, hotels, restuarants, entertainment hotspots and more, the convenience to be enjoyed from this new payment solution is immerse!

Everybody deserves the convenience that PayWithCapture provides! With this in mind comes the launch of the #PayWithCapture Refer and Win Contest where you get to earn money by downloading the app and registering with referral code ICH001 and then referring other people to download with your referral code! How do you take part? Simply click here to join in and start making money!

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