‘Donald Trump & The Remaking of America History!’

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‘Leaders are more powerful role models when they learn, than when they teach.’ Rosabeth Moss Kantor

What is leadership?

1.Leadership is a skilled carried out.

2.Leaders care.

3.Leaders are vulnerable.

4.Leaders grow.

5.Leaders are change agents.

‘This is the ultimate test. What values govern one’s life-at the end of it?’ Robert Greenleaf

He Came, He Saw, He Destroyed! Donald Trump became America’s most controversial POTUS in US history. He became the first POTUS to be branded and called names by his fellow presidents. US became a laughing stock internationally in the comic of super powers and committee of nations Organization of American States [OAS], The United Nations [UN], North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO], North America Free Trade Association [NAFTA], & G7 Countries [America, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy.

Donald Trump talked, behaves, and acted like somebody like a ‘dotard’ [apology to Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea’s Kim Jong-un]. It is no longer; ‘US sneezes, the world catches cold’, but ‘US sneezes, the world fired back.’

Donald Trump unprecedented destructive legacies:

1.Pulling US out of Global Climate Change Deal.

2.Pulling US out of Iran Nuclear Deal.

3.Igniting the biggest economic war in history.

4.Suspending Obama HealthCare.

5.Construction of US/Mexico Border Wall.

6.Migrant Policy.

7.Pulling US out of UN Human Rights Council.

8.The Sithole Countries.

9.US Gun Control Debacle.

10.Controversial Pardons [Sherriff Arpaio, e.t.c.].

Donald Trump lack decorum and is noted for dis-orderliness. A progenitor of ‘Fake and False’ News narratives. Trump has unflinchingly being bashing America’s mainstream media giants; Washington Post, New-York Times, Time Magazine and CNN as the headquarters of ‘Fake and False’ News outlets.

The world was stunned when Donald Trump announced that US is pulling out of the global Climate Change deal accusing his predecessors of trading America’s dignity away by signing the global climate deal. Trump has labelled previous governments of sheepishly giving away US cherished interest. On board US Air-force 1, Donald Trump lashed out on Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau as a ‘coward’.

In relocating US Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, Donald Trump boasted, ‘I have today make history. This action which previous US presidents has not being able to, I have today achieved.’ With the backlash of this action, Donald Trump didn’t give a damn about the furors this had created and caused. Donald Trump ignited the biggest economic and trade war in history against EU Countries, Mexico, Russia and China, slamming tariffs on aluminium and steel imports from these countries accusing China of stealing US Intellectual Property.

The backlash is now on with China, Russia, EU Countries slamming about $3.5 billion trade tariffs on US Imports. Russia and China has followed suit. The world is slowly receding back to a Third World War base on trade. No thanks to Trumpism! Iran has threaten to block the world’s biggest oil shipping route adding to the already tensed global trade war. It is a retaliatory fired-back at Trump and US. US biggest ally UK has in an un-revoking terms described US actions and in-actions as a threat to the fragile world peace.

Describing Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea [DPRK] Kim Jong-un as a ‘rocket-man’ and Kim Jong-un replying that Donald Trump is a ‘dotard’. The aftermath of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un historic meeting in Singapore on June 12. The world was watching and waiting for an improved US – North Korea relations, but with the latest developments coming in the heels of US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo visit to Pyongyang, the world might have to wait longer to see an improve relations between these nuclear war predators. North Korea was said to have described the talks as ‘regrettable’, and US describing the talks as ‘success’, it seems Donald Trump, with his National Security Adviser, John Bolton has again demonstrated their uncouth and bullying traits in negotiating ‘Korea Peninsula Total Denuclearization’.

Donald Trump is described as President of the United States [POTUS] with the highest number of ‘You’re fired’ Aides, Advisers, Secretaries and Head of Parastatals in US history. Donald Trump mis-demeanour’s is endless as his campaign manager and counsel has being indicted for financial mis-appropriation. He said, ‘I can forgive myself as POTUS’ in anticipation of being subpoena by special counsel, Robert Mueller. In his book, ‘Higher Loyalty’, by James Comey [a former Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] Director]. James Comey described Donald Trump as; ‘an irrational leader, that no one knows his next actions or statements.’

The US Federal Environment Protection Agency [FEPA] boss was fired for mis-appropriation and financial recklessness. Manafort, Cohen, Jared Kushner, Trump Foundation [gateway for money laundering by Trump associates] are all being led to various US court rooms on indictments. White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders was evicted from a public restaurant recently for causing an uproar and mis-conduct. Donald Trump has vehemently stood with Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman [MbS] over the latter indictment in the murder and disappearance of Saudi Arabia born critic and Washington Post Columnist, Jamal Khashoggi inside The Saudi Arabia Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on October 2nd, 2018.

US 2016 presidential elections in which Donald Trump rode on to become POTUS was said to been influenced with the help of; Facebook, Russians & Russia Troll Farms, Cambridge Analytica, Hacking of Hilary Clinton & US Democratic Party’s email accounts, FBI double dealings and Political Mudslinging! Donald Trump has lived up to these aprons and trails of frauds and illegitimacy to brand opponents. Ailing Senator John McCain received an uncouth mouthwash bash from Donald Trump.

America’s Wordsmiths [Washington Post, New-York Times, CNN, Time Magazine], who are uniquely inspired as communicators of truth and hope are labelled as authors of ‘Fake & False’ News narratives by Donald Trump. Washington Post, CNN, New-York Times and Time Magazine has become Donald Trump bull-de-force media assault referring to these respected world media giants as a factory and home of ‘Fake & False’ News! Voters across the US has being showing their dis-pleasure in Donald Trump administration with Democrats clinching more seats in recent elections.

Will Donald Trump face be carved on a gigantic scale on the cliff of Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, where heads of former brilliant and exceptional US Presidents are carved? Donald Trump, the most disorderliness POTUS in US history is simply a vanishing ‘papoola’!

Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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