Dr. Dre’s Alleged Mistresses Ordered To Testify In On Going Divorce


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American music mogul, Dr. Dre’s mistresses have been ordered to testify in his ongoing divorce case with Nicole Young.

The three women, identified as Jillian Speer, Kili Anderson and Crystal Rogers (aka Crystal Sierra) have been fighting to stay out of the bitter divorce case. But Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, won a round in court this month when the Judge ruled in favor of Nicole Young.

A lawyer for the women, Kris LeFan, previously filed a motion to cancel subpoenas compelling them to testify, reportedly stating that none of them has “information relevant to the enforceability” of the pre-nuptial agreement over which Dre and Nicole are battling in court.

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But according to a ruling filed last week in LA Superior Court, the “discovery referee” in the case, David S. Weinberg, concluded, “each of them may have information relevant to the issue of temporary support and fees as well as the … [validity] and enforceability of the alleged pre-marital agreement.”

Weinberg added, “their depositions may be taken, narrowly tailored to those discrete subject matters.”

The court also ruled that Dre and his alleged mistresses must pay nearly $10,000 in sanctions since “Their resistance to this request was without substantiation.”

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