Lavish Lifestyle Of Dubai Billionaire’s Son, Rashed ‘Money Kicks’ Belhasa

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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A Dubai billionaire’s rich kid has lavished a whole lot of money on customizing his Ferrarri estimated to be worth £200,000 to look distinct amongst others of its kind in the world.

The billionaire rich kid, Rashed Saif Belhasa, 15, was reported to have spent big on covering the luxury ride in Louis Vuitton print.

The son of the Dubai construction mogul, Saif Ahmed Belhasas, took delivery of the luxury ride despite being too young to drive it and then proceeded to customize it.

Rasheed whose nick name is Money Kicks took to his social media page to share a video of his latest ride, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which boasts of a 6.3-litre V12 engine.

However, Rasheed will remain unable to drive the luxury car until he clocks 18 according to the rules of the land.

The rich kid boasts of thousands of social media followers with his Instagram page clocking at 659,000 followers and his YouTube page at 750,000 followers.

He is known for flaunting expensive items on social media and also boasts of a $1million dollar trainer collection along with a Yeezy-inspired Cadillac Escalade.

To go with the wrap on his latest whip, Rasheed got a set of matching shoes and bag to go with.

Watch video below:

See more photos of the billionaire’s son on social media below:


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