Mercedes -Benz Introduces Concept Electric CLA Class With A Better Range Than Tesla

Mercedes-Benz, the German automotive giant, broke new ground with its latest offering, the Concept CLA Class, which was recently unveiled at the IAA Mobility 2023 event. This concept vehicle is a significant step by the iconic brand towards delivering more environment-friendly and sustainable high-end vehicles.

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German auto giant Mercedes-Benz introduced a new and unparalleled long-range electric vehicle with rapid charging capabilities. The CLA Class, a novel concept car which is set to be a major player in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, opens up possibilities for a new electric and digital age.

The “close-to-production” concept vehicle could outdo Tesla cars by going more than 466 miles on a single charge. That’s compared with a range of less than 380 miles for any Tesla model in the market today.

The Concept CLA Class integrates the cutting-edge technology called the Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture (MMA). This architecture implements a series of new advancements in electric vehicle technology.

With an elevated electric vehicle experience, this new offering underpins the company’s commitment to delivering a luxurious version of the electric vehicle. The exterior of the car is based on the company’s iconic design and dynamic performance, while its interior concentrates on ergonomics and lush comfort.

“I am certain that our MMA platform will enable us to offer our customers in this market segment a class-defining combination of performance, sustainability, safety and comfort paired with an outstanding digital experience.”

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Chief Technology Officer

The MMA is a cutting-edge electric-centric platform designed for a line of four vehicles covering a range of body styles. It is set to play a major role in accelerating the ramp-up of the Mercedes-Benz electric fleet. It makes efficiency a priority, and Mercedes-Benz has made leaps this area, achieving a remarkable energy efficacy of up to 93 percent. Bidirectional charging capabilities enable the vehicle to act as an energy storage device, making backup power available to users during outages and contributing to grid stability, which makes it well above par on the sustainability front.

The Concept CLA Class also boasts advancements of in battery cell chemistry due to the integration of an 800 V electric-drive system, which offers an impressive driving range and charging capabilities.


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