Educationist demands Special treatment for Teachers


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Mr Babatunde Abdulkareem, the Head of Political Science Department (HOD), Kwara State College of Education, Oro, has called on government at all levels to treat teachers special like other professionals.

Abdulkareem made this call in Ilorin on Wednesday at an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), saying that teachers deserved special treatment and recognition in the country.

He said that teachers were not being treated fairly in the country and they had been reduced to the status of ordinary people without recognition.

According to him, most Governors are fond of depriving teachers their salaries thereby causing them psychological trauma, with attendant lack of focus on duty.

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“Other professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers and bankers are being treated better than teachers in the country.

“Nigeria leaders and the public must change their perception towards teachers.

”This is because teachers made a lot of sacrifice to produce the so called other professionals, who we now celebrate more than them.

“Government must start treating teachers specially and stop treating them like slaves, because they also deserve recognition, having contributed to nation building through their sacrifice,” he said.

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The HOD, however, called on the government at all levels and the public to stop looking down on teachers and give them special attention like other professionals.

“Teachers are nation builders. Their salary is their right and should not be delayed every time,” he said.

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