Michael Jackson’s Ex-Bodyguard Speaks On Secret Child Room Rumour


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Matt Fiddes, was employed as a bodyguard of the late King of Pop before his death in 2009. He has broken his silence on the child molestation allegations brought against the singer.

Michael has been hit by a string of child abuse claims that were at the centre of documentary Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me.

His fans were outraged by the claims and his family vehemently denied them.

Michael was taken to trial on child molestation claims in 2005 but was found not guilty.

Speaking on podcast The Scott McGlynn show, Matt, who is now an entrepreneur and celebrity personal trainer, spoke about the allegations that Michael built a secret child room at his home according to a report by The Mirror.

According to the ex-bodyguard:

They try and tell you that he built a secret child room but that was there when he bought the house, it was actually a panic room. The guy was a multi-billionaire and it was completely normal to have a panic room, you would push a door and he had stuff in there to keep him entertained for a few days until a problem was solved. Many times people used to parachute in and alarms would go off and Neverland staff used to tell him to go into the room. So it was not a secret room, it is the most ridiculous stuff that people make up. He had one thousand lawsuits in his life if I remember correctly. People were always out to get money, it was a daily occurrence. People would do anything to try and meet him.

Speaking about some 0f the Pop star’s unreleased songs, he said:

I think there are some more albums to be released. There’s going to be a biopic, a bit like the Freddie Mercury one. I understand they are doing one on Michael Jackson as well. So there’s a lot more to happen. It is a shame his reputation has been tarnished by these crazy allegations.

Commenting on the late star’s sexuality, he said:

He had always try and promote that he was single. That was the way he was trained by his record label, ‘Don’t let your fan base down’. That was always in his mind and he wanted to keep that mystery going.

He further said if Michael Jackson was alive, he would have advised that they ignore all the rumour flying around.

His advice to us all was to ignore it and don’t comment. But we had to [say something] last year as it got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore. But I think that the fall out from HBO airing the Leaving Neverland documentary is still on-going and they are suing the broadcasters. It is still on-going. The documentary needed to be more balanced in my opinion.

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