Executive Extravaganza: Customs Boss Knocked For Traveling By Private Jet


Nigerians have taken to social media sites to express their displeasure over the preferred mode of travel deployed by Nigerian Customs Service Comptroller-General, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd).

Circa election season, one of the talking points of Change mantra spokespersons was the excessive perks of executive office enjoyed by members of the Jonathan administration.

Now that change has come, Nigerians are perplexed that the trappings of office do not seem to have departed with the outgoing administration.

See some of the social commentary here:


Across Nairaland, Nigeria’s biggest indigenous website, the hullabaloo continued.

One registered user, deebsman1, said It could truly be customs jet or a jet from the presidential fleet but what is of concern to me is the clamors all over the internet some months ago about reduction in number of aircrafts in the presidential fleet during GEJ’s govt and inception of the present administration, why has the clamor reduced…..seems there r so many perennial problem in the Nigeria society that anything the populace decide to clamor against don’t last long before another one will rise and hence forgotten the immediate last one and no reasonable conclusion being reached. It still don’t make any sense for a nation that does not have a national carrier to be having more than 10 aircrafts in its presidential fleet.#that’s the change we voted for.

Another autotrader014 said, i cant wait for 2019 to come, i neva voted Buhari and i dont regret it, and im sure i wont vote for him.. u cant put an old wine in a new bottle and espect a different taste..
All of them na thiefs, were are the change agents in this list?

Rotimi amaechi
Timipriye Silva
Audu ogbe
Chris ngige

Abeg were do i start from and were do i stop? Nigerians were scamed to believe dis guys were saints..

The cost of carrying dis custom boss in a private jet is enof to pay for return flight ticket 500times. Who are dey deceiving..

Change indeed

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