Expert prescribes forests conservation to raise Nigeria’s GDP

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Dr David Ladipo, the Principal Consultant, Centre for Environment, Renewable Natural Resources Management Research and Development (CENRAD), has prescribed the conservation of forest resources to raise Nigeria’s GDP.
Ladipo made the recommendation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ibadan.
According to him, the country’s high economic value vis-à-vis its high GDP depends on forests (tree) conservation.
He stressed that the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is totally dependable on a sustainable environment, adding that the importance of forests cannot be overemphasised.
The chief executive officer explained that trees and flowers create beautiful tourism environment which attracts both local and foreign investors and tourists.
“Trees help to ameliorate the environment, in preservation/conservation of water, prevent global warming, and serve as medicines, foods, fruits.
“They help to absorb the carbon dioxide produced in the air, when the carbon dioxide is floating in the air; it affects agric products which can lead to low GDP.
“If forest conditions are not good, that is when there are no trees, genetic resources are also lost, forests resources create income, employment, food, etc, so they shouldn’t be joked with,” he said.
Ladipo, who is also a Multipurpose Tree Planter, suggested for the establishment of regional and national policies to conserve the environment and prevent deforestation.
He noted that his organisation produced materials for companies and individuals to generate energy through trees.
“We sensitise people on how to plant multipurpose trees especially, we trained some people from Ekiti on green charcoal production; we have been able to propagate the knowledge to people over the years.
“We have seen that forest conservation is very important, many countries have made it and is making it through forest resources, ours should not be exceptional,” said the expert. (NAN)

Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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