Facebook Reportedly Set To Build Its Own Version Of Clubhouse


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Facebook reportedly has a team working on a new project that aims to replicate one of the latest social apps known as Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an audio-chat iOS app which is currently invite-only. The app went viral after Elon Musk had a conversation on the app last week.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg also had a conversation on the audio-chat app and there are speculations that Facebook CEO might be developing his own version of the app soon.

The Times reports that the product is in the “early stages of development,” so it’s unclear if and when it might launch.

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Facebook has already done so with multiple other apps, including, most infamously, Stories, which it took from Snapchat, and Reels, its TikTok competitor that launched last year.

Twitter is also working on a Clubhouse competitor called Spaces, which is in beta at the moment. Its team acquired social podcasting company Breaker for its expertise in social audio, to help improve its efforts.


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