Faith Academy Teacher arrested for flogging a Student to coma

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A student of the Faith Academy secondary school, Ota, Ogun State, was in a three day coma after he was flogged and hit on the chest by a  teacher of the School.

The secondary school is one of the schools owned by the President of Living Faith Church, aka  Winners, Canaan land, Ota, Ogun State, Bishop David Oyedepo.

The boys sister took to instagram, lamenting and complaining about the unruly act of the teacher, and explaining how the principal of the school had lied about the condition of her brother in order not to draw too much attention to the real cause of the brothers condition.

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In a picture posted by the sister , the boy was seen in a weak state, with an  IV syringe in his arm, laying on a sick bed in the Hospital.

She wrote: “This is child abuse… a teacher at Faith Academy flogged my brother then hit him on his chest, he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital and was in coma for 3 days. At this point what my brother did or did not do is not valid, no man has the right to treat someone else’s child like that, Not to talk of the fact the child is placed under their custody with so much trust. On top of that, I called the principal, he lied to me that my is not in the hospital and he is fine, not until my parents got to Ota and found him at the hospital. I am a mother of 2 and knows the value of children plus we have videos of students testifying to this teacher hitting and slapping them all the time, we chose not to put the video out to protect the interest of these kids . So guys, please help me re-post, let’s find justice for David.”

The teacher who committed the treacherous act has been identified as a Mr. Voke , who is the Head Chaplain of the School. Some witnesses described the man as being violent, always flogging and hitting students without remorse.

            Mr Voke in Police Custody


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