Fans react as content creators Mc Mbakara, Untouchable Comedies fight online


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Popular content creators, Mc Mbakara and Untouchable Comedies are at each other’s throats online.

It all started when Mc Mbakara, while reacting to Untouchable Comedies’ philanthropic deeds online, said the content creator could regularly dole out money because he has no problem.

In a reaction video, Untouchable Comedies warned Mc Mbakara to make his content without mentioning his name in it.

Reacting to the claim that he has no problem, Untouchable Comedies said, “Am I a small child? If I tell you my problem, you’ll know it’s bigger than yours. My dad is suffering from stroke. I have seven family members that are on my neck. So do your content and let me do mine. If I list all my problems, you’ll give me ‘Problem Award’.”

He added that he regularly doles out money online because he loves “charity”, adding that everyone has unique, God-given characteristics and his is to help people.

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Untouchable Comedies said that Mc Mbakara is liked by many for regularly showing affection towards his wife in his content “but I don’t have Lolo (wife), so I’m with my pillow”.

In a counter-reaction, Mc Mbakara warned his colleague to keep his wife out of their feud.

Sharing Untouchable Comedies’ video on his page, Mc Mbakara said, “Can You Imagine What Untouchable Comedies Said About My Wife And I. You People Better Warnn Him Now.”

Reacting, Untouchable Comedies said, “Boss Mc Mbakara please stop mentioning my name in your contents. Make una help me beg my boss.”

However, many fans of the content creators have waded into the feud, with some enjoining them to bury the hatchet.

Doris Fidelis Slimbanky said, “Mc Mbakara, stop mentioning untouchable Comedies. You started it Mbakara.”

Chinwendu Charity Ezenwaka said, “Mc Mbakara, keep his name out of your mouth. Na you dey jealous his growth and charity work, na e make you talk say he no get problem.”

Oladipo Oladimeji said, “Mc Mbakara, I love you Chief. This is too low. You don pass this stage a long time ago.”

Efosa Wilson Osahon said, “Mc Mbakara, why all this online .. please we all should make peace and hustle for this new year ooo. We don’t need war by this time.”

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  1. bobby says

    they’re just catching cruise i believe . comedians. don’t take them seriously. that’s their business .

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