Fayose gifts Car to Ekiti Lawmaker detained by DSS operatives


The Executive Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has gifted the released member of the Ekiti State Assembly, Afolabi Akanni a car.

The reward was handed over at a ceremony held at the Jibowu Hall of the governor’s office while the Governor was hosting the 26 members of the state assembly. Fayose used the medium to condemn the action of the Department of State Services for detaining the Lawmaker for 18 days.

Fayose added that; “This House of Assembly is very unique and exemplary. You have refused to be bought over. My detractors have money and influence but the Power of God starts where that of men stops. I’m so proud of you.

“You have shown that you can see beyond today. Wealth is not the amount of money in your bank but your level of integrity. You represent and carry yourselves as responsible Nigerians. The Old testament has to give way to the new testament. You are the ‘New testament’ House of Assembly.

“Betrayers will only contribute to the success of the person being betrayed. Those that betrayed us in the first term are no longer relevant today. Many of them even suffered and regretted their actions. Together we stand and I know the House will never divide. I don’t regret standing for those incarcerated. This is an opportunity for us to stand for our tomorrow.”

The released Lawmaker who was rumoured dead in the DSS’ custody while thanking the state Governor for the gift described Fayose as a “great leader and great mentor.”

He continued; “He remains a very honest man who also stands by his followers. I was so sure that he will fight my cause while in detention and I was not disappointed.

“The DSS asked me so many questions about the governor and I stood my ground. Governor Fayose is one man that I can never betray because he is my helper and my mentor. He has done a lot for me”





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