“FG will jam communication frequencies to rig the election”- Governor Wike warns

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Governor Nyesom Wike has stated that the Federal Government have given a directive that INEC should work with Internet Service Providers in the country and find a way to shut down internet access during the February general elections. He claimed that FG used the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) as its point of contact.

The Rivers state governor equally mentioned that during the shutdown, NSA and INEC will be able to tamper with the results of the elections. Wike made the statement on Friday while addressing representatives from Savannah Centre Council on Peaceful and Violence Free in Nigeria in Port Harcourt

He stressed, “The National Security Adviser has met with INEC to ensure that internet service providers shut down the internet so that foreign bodies won’t see what’s happening in the country during the elections. They will jam all the frequencies and internet services to stop real-time communication during the elections. This plot to rig the forthcoming elections is a recipe for violence. They will not succeed in whatever they are planning. The world will be informed about their criminal activities”.

“FG will jam communication frequencies to rig the election”- Governor Wike warns

Wike Maintained that all the unacceptable practices by the current administration show that even if they are voted out legitimately, they would not accept the defeat. He later urged that President Muhammadu Buhari should follow the footsteps of Goodluck Jonathan who demonstrated that the country was more important than his personal aspirations.

He progressed, “I don’t think this administration will willingly accept defeat. They should emulate Former President Goodluck Jonathan who lost elections and accepted the outcome. There was no litigation. He went back home and did not generate crisis”.

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