Firstmonie Introduces Talk360 To Enable Low Cost International Calls In Nigeria


Firstmonie, the mobile money platform for First Bank of Nigeria Limited, has partnered with MMIT (Mobile Media Info Tech) to introduce international calling app Talk360 to Firstmonie mobile wallet users and Nigerian consumers.

This partnership gives consumers the ability to pay for low cost international calls through the Talk 360 calling app with their Firstmonie mobile wallets. This mobile wallet capability is the first of its kind in the competitive Nigerian mobile money and payment landscape. Talk360’s high quality service allows the user to save up to 90% on call costs to mobiles and landlines around the world without the need for a contract or SIM. The app can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store, the Amazon App Store and the Google Play Store and comes with a free trial to call anywhere in the world.  Because the receiver of the call does not have to be online, the Talk360 app is far more reliable and accessible than free-to-use alternatives

According to the Group Head, E-Business at FirstBank, Mr. Chuma Ezirim, the Bank has spearheaded financial inclusion initiatives and is confident that this partnership will create ease in payments by consumers while driving convenient banking in a cashless society. “We are very pleased to partner with MMIT and Talk360 on this strategic initiative which will help in actualizing our goal of enhancing e-commerce in Nigeria through our Firstmonie platform”, Ezirim added.

Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Talk360, Hans Osnabrugge stated that the partnership is the next step in the evolution of apps, which should not only be available for the upper class with international credit cards, but should both localize their content and payment methods. “Thanks to our partnership with Firstmonie and MMIT, we are making a huge step in setting us apart from all other communication apps”.

Also speaking, CEO of MMIT, Kim Fraser noted that MMIT is excited to be partnering with Firstmonie and Talk360 in Nigeria. “Nigerian consumers will greatly benefit from this product and the ability to call anywhere in the world for low rates.  Having the ability to use your mobile not only for call purposes, but also for payment, will greatly enhance the experience for the user and make the entire process more seamless”.

MMIT is a mobile wallet payment processor which works with mobile wallet products and their providers across Sub-Sahara Africa, as well as international merchants.  MMIT’s innovative gateway platform enables international merchants to reach Sub-Sahara African consumers, by facilitating mobile wallet payment options and providing consumers within the region the ability to purchase digital content and physical goods from international merchants’ sites.

About Firstmonie

Firstmonie is the mobile money platform for First Bank of Nigeria Limited. Firstmonie’s mobile wallet is an innovative product that enables its customers to access financial and other value added services through their mobile devices.

Firstmonie’s product caters to the critical mass across Nigeria by providing innovative solutions created to address mobile, technological, and lifestyle trends.  For more information please visit

About Talk 360

Talk360 challenges the current power of existing providers and to date is the only ‘truly global telecom company’ with millions of customers in more than 180 countries, eclipsing the likes of telecom giants Vodafone and AT&T.

Talk360 was born out of frustration about the limited possibilities and absence of solutions offered to make both low cost and high quality international calls using a smartphone or tablet.  Within Europe, Talk360 is seen as a role model for promising start-up companies: a combination of technology and user-friendliness enabling an app that is attractive and accessible to the general public.

For more information please visit

About MMIT

MMIT, Mobile Media Info Tech, is a mobile payment processor with a mission to revolutionise the mobile payment process, money transfer capabilities, and mobile banking.

MMIT focuses on the Sub-Sahara African market, partners with large financial institutions in Africa as well as large international merchants, to provide value added services to mobile wallet providers and users.  To learn more about MMIT please visit

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