Over 1,400 Flights Canceled Due to Snowstorm in The US


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Over 1,400 flights were canceled over the weekend in the United States as a freezing Snowstorm blew across Virginia and Florida. The storm ultimately affected air travels over the weekend, and it’ll most likely affect the work week as well.

North Carolina’s Governor has earlier mentioned, “We’re preparing for days of impact, not hours, this weekend isn’t the time to head out to see the winter wonderland. Stay safe where you are. Getting out on dangerous roads could put your life at risk.”

Snowstorm causes flights cancellation in O'Hare International Airport, Chicago
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The first citing of the snowstorm was at San Diego, as it rained heavily and caused mudslides and flooding. Then, it progressed over the mountains and began to drag snow to different parts of North Carolina which is usually a warm side in southern America.

According to Duke Energy, since the storm deposited snow in different locations, it had become very dangerous to travel. The power company also reported that the snowstorm caused a power outage in some parts.

Therefore, American Airlines has had to cancel 1,100 flights for Sunday, after it had initially canceled 225 on Saturday. Its hub at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was the most affected.

The flight tracking site, FlightAware.com, reported that the canceled flights in that airport amount for about three-quarters of American Airline’s scheduled arrivals and departure.

As a result, the airline waived date-change charges for those who couldn’t travel over the weekend. Although, they’ll have to travel before next Saturday. Delta Airlines and JetBlue Airways did the same.

However, Southwest Airlines customers that could not travel as a result of the storm will still have to pay the difference in fare, if they travel within two weeks after their original flight date.

Nonetheless, flights cancellations will continue. American Airline already canceled about 300 flights scheduled for Monday.

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