Foetus Murder: Brutal Lebanese Boss still roaming free


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Kaveh Noine, the Lebanese manager at Toppan Printing Company is still a free man despite being under investigation for the murder of a pregnant woman’s unborn baby.

Noine who allegedly kicked Alexandra Ossai in the stomach during her pregnancy is still a free man as he was spotted on the premises of the company recently instead of being in a jail cell as he is the prime suspect in a murder case and a known flight risk.

Noine was spotted on company premises by officials of a multi-agency taskforce of the Lagos State Government who went to the company to ascertain the health and safety conditions the workers were placed under by management.

An official from the Office of the Public Defender, Mrs. Omotola Rotimi said the conditions were unfit for the workers.

Her words: “This case has now gone beyond the assault on Ossai; we are still working on that, but we want to see the safety precautions on ground in the company. This is why all the relevant government agencies are here. We have received information that the workers are being underpaid; unfortunately most of them are not around now.

“From what we have seen, there are not much safety precautions in place. There are no toilets and no cloakrooms for the workers to change; they change into their work clothes in the open. The female workers would be prone to sexual harassment that way.”

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