7 Foods To Eat For Better Sexual Experience


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The inability to derive maximum pleasure from sexual intercourse with your partner can be pretty frustrating and to say the least, disappointing. It could also go a long way in ruining potential relationships.

Yet, so many factors play a role in the disappointment – they could be physical, emotional, or most importantly, diet-related.

Consuming a nutritious and healthy diet assists in enhancing stamina for longer hours, boosting libido, and even improving the circulation of blood throughout the system while strengthening overall health.

Thankfully, some particular foods contain the nutrients needed for better sexual experience, it is therefore important to note them and include them in your diet.

Here are 7 Foods to eat for improved sex life.

  • Red wine

Red wine knows how to get in and effectively stimulate sexual desire. Studies have shown that a moderate and regular intake of red wine can boost sexual function, as well as offer lubricating properties. However, slow down with the intake because unpleasant effects can arise from excessive consumption of red wine.

  • Meat

Meat, including pork, beef, and chicken, contains high amounts of useful protein that could assist in boosting your sex life. They contain zinc, carnitine, and L-arginine which are known for improving blood flow and also treating some cases of erectile dysfunction(ED) in persons.

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  • Avocados

Avocados have incredible benefits for the testicles and their components. This delicious fruit is packed with vitamin E. Vitamin E is one important antioxidant that assists in widening blood vessels and reducing an individual’s risk for cardiovascular disease. Avocados are also rich in potassium, which boosts libido and provides energy. Take avocados to get things running smoothly in the bedroom.

  • Garlic

Most of us might think, “yuck, garlic?”, but let’s focus on its inner beauty (nutrients), shall we? Garlic contains concentrated amounts of vitamins (C and B6) and minerals that provide stamina and boost sexual performance. In light of this, improved sex life comes to play. Furthermore, apart from its sexual benefits, garlic helps to improve body function and reduce your risk of various diseases.

  • Apples

An active source of quercetin (a flavonoid), apples helps to promote blood flow/circulation in the body as well as the fight against erectile dysfunction (ED) in individuals. Add some apples to your daily diet from today.

  • Nuts

Speaking of nuts, we have walnuts, peanuts, and hazelnuts. These nuts boast huge amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, L-arginine, and zinc compounds, all of which enhance sexual performance. You surely want to get these nuts into your system.

  • Fatty fish

Fatty fish like salmon are very important for overall health. They are healthy sources of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. And apart from boosting overall health, they help to increase blood circulation in the body – vital for better sexual experience. Other fish like sardines are equally beneficial.

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