Georgia Teen choked his sister to death over code to WiFi


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Kevon Lamar Watkins attacked his elder sister Alexus Breanna Watkins over the code to the WiFi in their home in Georgia, USA.

On the evening of the attack,  Kevon had reportedly been playing an Xbox game and changed the family’s Wi-Fi code once the connection in the home started to lag because of the number of people using it.

Alexus had been arguing with her brother after he confronted their mother, who was trying to remove the gaming system from his room, according to 911 calls and testimony at Kevon’s bench trial.

During the  legal proceedings,  Bibb County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin explained that she found Kevon guilty of murder instead of voluntary manslaughter because his 13-year-old brother had tried to stop him from choking their sister.

Alexus was pronounced dead of asphyxiation early the next morning at a local hospital.

As justice Verda Colvin   sentenced Kevon  to life behind bars, he sobbed and his only intelligible words were, “I’m sorry.”

The teen had previously told an investigator that he and his sister argued nearly every day.


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