Germans know too little about constitution, German president

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President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, marking the 70th anniversary of the German constitution on Wednesday, expressed regret at the low level of awareness of its contents among the population.
“The Germans know too little about their own constitution,” Steinmeier said in remarks released ahead of an event at his official Berlin residence, Schloss Bellevue.
He cited a recent survey by pollsters Infratest dimap on what Germans thought in connection with the constitution.
“Although 27 per cent mentioned Article 1, human dignity, or generally the basic rights.
“This was followed by equality, freedom of expression and the press, the rule of law, down to freedom of worship at four per cent,’’ Steinmeier said.
He queried: “Does that suffice?’’
While 30 per cent saw the constitution as “very good” and 58 per cent as “rather good,” most were expressing approval without knowing its precise contents.
Steinmeier noted that the survey results reflected a stable economy, strong employment and the absence of political crisis.
They should not be grounds for complacency.
“A constitution must prove itself when times are hard. Would we have sufficient constitution patriots in such times? I believe yes, but we have to reinforce this constantly,’’ he noted. (dpa/NAN)

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