Graphic photos: Lady gets unbelievable facial reconstruction after husband chopped it off

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A young lady’ has gone through a remarkable transformation process after her husband fatally disfurged her face.

The lady, who is just 25, lost over half of her facial skin in a gory attack by her husband. But surprisingly, the doctors have been able to surgically re attach her skin to the region, giving her a new look many have found to be unbelievable.

Medical Creations, who shared the story on their social media handle, explained that after her husband’s battery, it seemed imposible to get the woman’s facial shape back to the way it was originally.

However, the doctors proved otherwise after conducting the surgery. Although, there are scars on certain areas of her face, the difference between her face before the surgery and how it looks after is nothing short of a miracle.

Narrating the story of the young lady, Medical Creations stated :


A 25 years old female presented with alleged history of assault by husband over the left face. There was degloving and avulsion of the left side of her face including the nose, forehead skin and eyebrow on the left side, upper and lower eyelids and part of the cheek. The globe as well as eyesight was intact. The extra ocular movements were present.
A thorough debridement was undertaken, and the devitalized tissue was excised. Meticulous suturing was done to relocate the avulsed structures to their respective
After four weeks, costal cartilage graft was
used for nasal augmentation. At follow-up one year after the trauma, and after two
surgeries, the patient was satisfied with no functional defcit. There were no nasal or ocular complaints. Eye opening and closure were normal. Doctors felt that the cosmetic outcome was suboptimal, and offered the patient the options of scar revision over the forehead, staged removal of skin graft over the cheek, and a more appropriate eyebrow positioning. However the patient was satisfied and was not desirous of any other surgical procedures suggested to her.

See her disfigured face below. (Graphic)

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