High intake of toxins can cause infertility — Expert


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Dr Nda Yunus, a fertility expert, on Tuesday, said high intake of toxins could lead to infertility both in men and women.

Toxins are poisonous substances produced within living cells or organisms that damage the body and can be in form of food, water, air and clothing.

Yunus, of Garki General Hospital, Abuja, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that humans were faced with various toxins in what they eat and drink.

The He said modern day living had led to increased exposure of toxins to the body, which could lead to infertility.

He listed sources through which toxins could get into human body as alcohol intake, cigarette smoking, medical drugs, cosmetics, household cleaning products, as well as pollution and environmental poisons.

He advised both men and women who were interested in having children to be cautious over what they
consume, and ensure that they ate balanced and healthy diet.

According to him, modern day living and various lifestyles contribute to accumulation of toxic materials
in the human body.

He explained that such could affect several natural body functions and the ability to reproduce, thereby contributing to various degrees of sperm disorders in men and implantation failures in women.

He said “the older generation were not exposed to toxic threats that invade us today and that made it
easier for them to live longer without some of the life threatening diseases of today.”

He noted that fertilisation of baby was a product of both the father and mother, adding that optimising the quality of the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm before conception was of paramount importance.

He said “getting pregnant and growing a new human being with your own reserves requires a surplus of nutrients and energy, hence the need to detoxify.

“Detoxification is a key body function which involves the elimination of metabolic waste and other toxins through eliminatory organs such as the skin, kidneys and liver.

“About 80 per cent of all chemical processes that go on in our bodies require detoxification activities.

“Beyond detoxifying, it is also imperative for women to consume lots of essential nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the baby.”

Yunus advised couples experiencing infertility to undergo detox programmes, follow fertility diet and take preconception supplements to boost themselves.

He also urged spouses to avoid activities that could lead to generation of several reproductive toxins within the body. (NAN)

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