Hilarious memes as Nigerians react to Seyi Tinubu, CDQ’s alleged clash

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Nigerian Twitter has been thrown into a frenzy following CDQ’s outburst regarding an alleged brawl with Seyi Tinubu, son of popular politician, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

The Herald earlier reported CDQ has vowed to take his pound of flesh after Seyi Tinubu disrespected him at David’s house on Wednesday night.


SeyiTinubu I’m bouta compose an article for you about what you did to me last night @ David’s house.

I might not be born with silver spoon like you but bruh I’m a fighter and a strong hustler that germinated from the slum to where I am today.

I won’t take disrespect from anyone

Reacting to CDQ’s outburst, Nigerians created hilarious memes and GIFs over the alleged clash.


Chaos 3:1-2;

“I come in peace, to witness violence.

Not to partake in it in any form, neigh!!, but to feed off it.

I do not support the oppressor, nor do i feel for the oppressed, neither will i tolerate them who seek peace, on this ground shall i sit and witness unrest!!😎


Okada do Quick give me Balance Make I Go Collect Front Seat Before The dragging Go Start. I Can’t Afford to Miss a Moment.


Ok CDQ, I’ve written that down.i left a paragraph for how he disrespected you…please when are you going to tell us?

Seyi Tinubu CDQ's clash


CDQ set to compose an article summarizing what Seyi Tinubu did to him last night at davido’s house.

According to him, he won’t let this disrespect slide.

I am here for the violence

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