Hold Lawmakers Accountable – US Congresswoman Urges Nigerians


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A United States of America Congress woman, Federica Wilson has urged Nigerians to hold political officeholders accountable especially in terms of bringing an end to terrorism in the country.

Wilson who addressed the #BringBackOurGirls sit-out at Unity Fountain in Abuja said “Believe me, you have the power to put pressure on the people you elected to deliver to the people of Nigeria and to stamp out boko Haram, and find the Chibok girls.

“I have been supporting them from day one, I didn’t even know that this was even taking place, it has been so quiet, but one day somebody phoned me and I heard that they kidnapped girls in Nigeria and it has been going on for a longtime. So when I found out, I went straight to the Congress and filed two bills that were passed, which helped the President to establish victims funds.

“That helped to bring money to the victims and helped those girls that escaped from Boko Haram. United States has invested money into the Army in making sure that they are ready for battle, and the Victims Funds.”

She added that the major duty of elected officials is to protect the interest of those who elected them and that is why every Nigerian must have the audacity to hold them accountable.

Meanwhile another US Legislator, Darrel Issa has said that Nigerian military need intelligence training not arms to combat insurgency in the country.

Issa said “The number one thing we bring is professional training to help the Nigerian forces fight Boko Haram and to advise them on how to treat insurgents and civilians captured in the war zone.

“Nigeria’s military “doesn’t lack basic firearms … it lacks training in military strategy and in international and humanitarian laws.

“This is a military that was allowed to fall into disrepair during the previous administration. Morale is low when training is low.”

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