Horror in Argentina: Man imprisons wife, son for years

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Oviedo's house where the duo were kept
Oviedo’s house where they were kept

A man in Argentina has been arrested by police for keeping his 61-year-old wife and 32-year-old son locked up in prison-like conditions for years.

Eduardo Oviedo, 66, was said to have kept the supposedly mentally-unstable wife and autistic son in a cell in his house with an iron door that was locked from the outside.

Oviedo, who police say did not resist arrest, has been charged with unlawful imprisonment, a charge he has denied.

“The house…had a room in the worst of human conditions where the woman and son spent the hours of the night, locked up.

“To enter that house is to witness true madness. This is a story of terror,” prosecutor, Alejandro Pellegrini said, when the case was taken to court on Saturday.

Oviedo was said to have fed the duo with substances that appeared to be dog food.

The police was called in by other sons of the man living in the same neighbourhood who had summoned courage after years of silence because of fear of reprisals from him. The case is ongoing.


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