Hypocrites! Christians knock Arewa Twitter for keeping mum over #EndSARS, condemning Rahama Sadau’s dress


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Christians have clashed with Muslims over derogatory comments condemning Kannywood Actress, Rahama Sadau for wearing a backless dress.

Rahama Sadau, Arewa Twitter

The actress’ new pictures attracted heavy backlash from northern elites (Arewa Twitter) who said true Muslim faithfuls keep their bodies covered and holy.

However, Christians have attacked Arewa Twitter critics for condemning actress Sadau while keeping mum during nationwide EndSARS protests.

Many Nigerian youths who revolted against police brutality in the country, staged  nationwide protests demanding a disbandment of the rogue tactical squad, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

An online protest using #EndSARS also trended on all social media platforms.

Although, hashtag #EndSARS became number one world wide trend on Twitter, most northern elites remained silent about the movement.

It was however surprising that Arewa Twitter on Monday became active again with tweets condemning indecent dressing of actress Rahama Sadau.

Christians seized the moment to accuse the northern elites of hypocrisy who turn a blind eye to Police brutality but are quick to lash out at the slightest instance of indecent dressing.

See reactions from Twitter


News: Army kills #EndSARS protesters, Bandits kill hundreds in zamfara & kaduna.

Arewa Twitter: **crickets**

Rahama Sadau breathes…

Arewa Twitter: “Auzubillahi” 🗡⚔️⚔️

Always focusing on the minor whilst ignoring the elephant in the room.


In a nation that is endowed with varieties of culture and traditions, it is annoying seeing our culture and religion being degraded and disgraced by some negligible people.

Honestlyour culture, trad. & religion was impliedly humiliated by the outrageous outfit of Rahama sadau.


Rahama Sadau is an adult, she has people close to her who are religious. Whatever she post on sm is her choice.

I fail to understand why some of you are obsessed with someone’s lifestyle. Let’s do what’s needful. Use this energy to tweet about the insecurity in the North


Look at what Sadau brought upon us people making fun of religion and attacking us for calling our so called Muslim sister to order

Wallahi Allah bazai barki yadda kika tozarta addinin musulumci a idon duniya kema Allah sai ya tozartaki


Rahama Sadau isn’t being called to order, she’s being harassed, insulted, bullied, threatened and dehumanized in the name of the very Islam that asks you to “Call people to the path of your Lord with wisdom and good advice and argue with them in the most courteous way…” Q16:125


Northerners and hypocrisy 👇..
When I was in the north, you will always see them in one dark corner 😀.
Awon Assistant Allah.



Rahama Sadau is probably the most immoral & indecent Arewa Twitter lady. That post was totally wrong and she’ll explain that to her creator.

This isn’t the first time she did this & we’re sinners too, but it’s better to cover ur sin private than make it public. Allah ya shirya.


You married a 13 year old girl but you still open your mouth waaaaa to slander Rahama Sadau.

Arewa Twitter should wake up and face reality.

Slandering her won’t stop the killings in the country or reduce the price of onions and tomato paste.


If only Arewa Twitter used this energy they used in condemning Rahama Sadau “indecent dressing” to speak up against killings and insecurity in the north I’m sure the north would be a very peaceful place to live in by now.

Humans doing assistant Allah job is crazy though.


Rahama Sadau post half naked photo , at 47 minutes there was over 3K likes, 600 quoted replies and 600 retweets just pictures Ooo nothing else.

Yet we begged you to tweet and retweet for the victims of banditry, kidnappings and boko haram you couldn’t shame on you.


Rahama Sadau’s attire will draw more attention and criticism on arewa twitter than the Killings and rustling by bandits in the North West.

We are stupid like that 😂


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