‘I get it from my mama’ – Ezinne Akudo, Miss Nigeria gushes


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How has it been after winning the Miss Nigeria crown?

It’s been wonderful. Everybody has been calling me. I have been seeing my pictures and name everywhere. It has been awesome.

How did you get into the competition?

I bought the form like everybody else. I went for the audition, I was asked to send my pictures. I did those and I was called again for a photo shoot. There was also a Facebook voting and after that, we went into camp. We had training for like two weeks and then the grand finale.

Getting to the camp, there were like 35 other girls, how did you feel amongst them?

Every girl that contested was fabulous. This year, they had very wonderful ladies so the competition was really tough. I couldn’t under rate anyone. I couldn’t say I am better than any of them in the camp. They were all intelligent, beautiful. It was tough.

Have you always dreamt of winning Miss Nigeria?

No. this is the first pageant I have ever contested for. I told myself that I would never contest for any pageant because of the bikini session but then Miss Nigeria banned it. So I told myself that since bikini is not involved, there is no harm in trying.

How do you feel winning the first competition you entered for?

I feel successful already. I feel loved by everybody. I feel great.

What was going on in your mind while you were standing amongst the finalists?

I was thinking about my mum because she was there that day. I was wondering what she was doing. I was wondering if she thought I was standing well. My mum likes getting involved in everything about me. She wants to know that you are standing well, that you are talking well or if your are moving your hands too much and not acting nervous. So in my mind I was like, I hope my mum is okay with the way I am walking. I hope she is okay with the question I just answered.

Was there an eye contact with your mum as the thoughts were flowing?

I didn’t know where she was and so it was difficult. I could not see her from where I was standing. It would have been different if I saw see her at that time. May be she would have given me a sign but I didn’t see her until I was crowned.

Is your mum an educationist?

Yes. My mum is a principal in a secondary school. So she knows everything about etiquette.

So you got some tips from her?

Yes, even on how to dress and make up.

That means your mum is very fashionable?

She is very fashionable. She knows about style.

Will you say you got some of your style from her?

I am myself when it comes to style but my mum is like a guide. She will tell you when your eye shadow is too loud or your lip gloss is not matching your dress.

When the elimination started, how fast was your heart beating?

The first day, I was scared. It was as if my heart will pop out of my chest. Several girls were evicted and I thought I could be next but after the first day, I stepped up my game. I looked at what they did wrong and I tried to avoid those things.

You said earlier that you didn’t tell your parents you were going for Miss Nigeria competition, what was the reason?

Yes. I didn’t tell them at first. I studied law and Law School was supposed to be the next thing for me. I felt my dad was going to say ‘my friend go and look for something more serious to do with your life’. So I wanted to tell them when everything was set. I didn’t want to tell them when I was going for the auditions or castings. I wanted to be sure I made it to camp before telling them. But my mum found out before I was ready to tell them. She called me to tell me that there was a dream that I won something big. So I had to tell her, yes that I am contesting for Miss Nigeria. She said since God has showed her, it means she should start praying about it. That was how my mum got involved and interested in the matter.

Now that you have won, what project are you going to handle to help the society?

My project will be against rape. I will use the platform to speak up against rape. I am also going to get other finalists involved in the project since we are all women and women are more vulnerable when it comes to rape issues. We are usually the victim. I will get them involved to speak up against rape and domestic violence.

Tell us who Ezinne is before the crown, because very soon, a lot will change about you.

I was just a normal simple girl. I went to Abia State University and they knew me as a church goer. I was a leader in my church and I had a daily routine which is, go to classes, go for meetings in church, go for rehearsals and back to my room. I don’t really go out like, going to parties and all that. I just had a particular triangle; from my room to my class and from class to church and then back. So that was how I was living. I was very straight forward.

So you are not the ‘too’ social type?

I am but not every time.   I have friends that will have parties but they will not invite me because they know I won’t go.

Why were you like that?

I was a leader in my church and I was not allowed to be that kind of person.

So you actually watch what you do and the places you are seen?


Since you are a church girl and a much organised person, will you still have time for your church routine?

I won’t stop going to church. That is my way of giving back to God for what he did for me. I won’t stop working in church because I am now Miss Nigeria.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about rape victims because of my friend.

Tell us about your style.

I am a very simple person. I like wearing fitted gowns, knee length. I also love jeans but I don’t wear jeans all the time. I am not a fan of heels because I feel that I am tall and my dad does not like when I wear heels he feels I am too tall.

But it is not mandatory that you wear heels now.

Yes, I have to start wearing heels now but it will not be too high just moderate so that I don’t look abnormal.

What do you call your style?

I call my style, simple and classy. There is sophistication in simplicity. I am also not the too much make up kind of person.

How does your mum feel now that you have won Miss Nigeria?

She is very excited. She calls me every minute to find out what next I am doing. She is receiving more calls than me. She is very happy.

What happens to your law school?

I will go to law school when my reign is over. I had to differ it for a year.

Are you going to practice law?

Of course I will practice. I enjoyed studying law.

Do you still feel like you are dreaming?

Yes. I still feel like I am dreaming.

Now, men will be struggling to get your attention, how do you intend to handle the advances when they come?

God is going to grant me the wisdom on how to handle such situations. God put me here so he will never leave me alone. I am trusting God.

So there is no man in your life right now?

I am going to keep that part of my life private.

What attracted you to Miss Nigeria pageant because there are a lot of pageants out there?

The platform is amazing. It brings you up and gives you good experiences.



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