“I think I go for the wrong kind of guys” – Victoria Kimani opens up about her love life


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Popular Afro Pop star, Victoria Kimani has revealed how unstable her relationships seem to be, emphasizing that she keeps choosing the wrong partner because she finds “bad guys” more attractive.

The Kenyan singer equally expressed her desire to get married and have children one day, even though her choices in men have not been ideal.

During an interview with Betty Kyalo on Citizen’s TV, Kimani said, “My love life is dead, I’m not dating anyone. There is someone I want to date, but you know I don’t really think he wants to date me. I think I go for the wrong kind of guys, I think I go for like bad boys and that’s not good.

“Now I do want to settle down and have babies but I really need to be with the right person, because my worst fear is to be a single mom. I would like my child to grow up with mom and dad at home. So I’m willing to take my time, rather than rush and have someone’s baby and then he doesn’t want to be with me because then I will go crazy.”

“I think I go for the wrong kind of guys” - Victoria Kimani opens up about her love life

She equally explained that different men send her DMs but in recent times, she had become very careful with choosing who to be with as most of them hide their true nature at first.

“You know how these guys are in our DMs, sometimes they are not what they say they are. Or maybe they act like they are. Sometimes you don’t know why a guys wants to date you. Is it because they like you as a person or what you think you can benefit from being with them? It’s pretty hard,” Kimani said.

Sharing who she considers being her ideal man, the musician went ahead to state that such a person must be ambitious.

She said, “He got to have swag, successful, he needs to look good, have a little bit of money, you can’t just be broke, I’m sorry. He has to have a vision, a business mind because mine isn’t that great.”

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