“I work hard for my money” – Actress Chizoba Nwokoye weeps as PA steals huge cash, other valuables


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Nollywood actress, Chizoba Nwokoye has taken to social media to lament the stealing of a huge cash sum and other valuables by her Personal Assistant, Success Bright.

Sharing the photo of Bright in a video she posted on social media, a weeping Nwokoye disclosed that the PA also changed the password of her monetised YouTube account before vanishing into thin air.

She said she did not deserve the treatment Bright meted out to her because she worked for her money.

“I work hard for my money. I don’t depend on anybody to give me.

“I hustle for every single penny that I make. work hard for my money. Why would this boy do this to me? I don’t deserve this?

“I don’t deserve this. Success what did I do? I don’t treat you like a PA but like my blood. And you have the mind to do this to me.

“This Youtube channel took me a lot. I know what I went through because it is not easy, I spent a lot.

“This boy locked me out of my YouTube channel, my monetised account. When I was building my youtube channel, Success where were you?

“I don’t know this boy was monitoring my moves because he was always beside me.

“I don’t know how he got my code. I didn’t know this boy was watching me. I cannot take this. God help me.

“If anybody should see this boy, the boy should hold him for me. I was shooting with him this morning on set. He has my phones, my car key, my ATM card.

“I used to send him to withdraw money. He has my ATM pin number. The boy withdrew my money in different POS, leaving only N55.

“He locked me out of my YouTube channel, Chizoba Nolly TV. I put my films there and it is doing well. The boy locked me out and put his name. Anytime we finish work, I pay him. Please, help me repost.

“He is with my car key. Maybe because he doesn’t know how to drive that is why he did not steal my car.”

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  1. cally says

    What an ingrate.
    Post his picture please, he should have joined his brothers if he knew he wanted free money.

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