Ibrahim Chatta Speaks Out on Being Overlooked at AMVCA

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Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Chatta, has recently addressed the issue of being overlooked at the 9th edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA). During an interview with a radio station in Ibadan, Chatta candidly expressed his dissatisfaction with not receiving an invitation to the highly anticipated award ceremony.

In the interview, Ibrahim Chatta openly shared his previous feelings of being ignored by the AMVCA, as he believed they had failed to acknowledge his talent and contributions to the industry. He acknowledged the presence of numerous performers in the business who are undoubtedly more deserving of praise than himself. Despite this humble realization, Chatta couldn’t help but ponder why his junior colleagues were receiving invitations while he was being overlooked.

However, Ibrahim Chatta emphasized that he does not allow the rejection to impact him significantly. His primary focus remains on continuing to pursue his craft and striving for even greater heights in his career. With unwavering determination, he stated, “I always thought my work wasn’t good enough, but I see my younger colleagues who score an invite to the event. I don’t want any award to limit me because I am aiming for the Oscars. If I am focusing on not being nominated at AMVCA, I can lose focus.

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