Is Dash Dominating in Nigeria


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Cryptocurrency is excelling in Africa due to multiple reasons. While people of Nigeria are opting for bitcoin and choosing platforms like Yuan Pay official app for trading, there is a second group of people who give priority to dash. Dash Nigeria is a non-profit education and promotion organization that is convincing people to use Dash instead of other cryptocurrencies.

The spread of dash is not just limited to Nigeria but, it is dominating mostly in Nigeria. The organization convinces youth, women, rural communities, media, and many other stakeholders. Thus, the opportunities presented by digital currency are spread out to all types of people.  

Why is Dash Promoted More than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the undisputed king of the cryptocurrency market that has been dominating the market for a long time. Many people consider it as the standard for measuring the power of other cryptocurrencies. Similarly, bitcoin has been the most popular cryptocurrency in Nigeria as well and has popularity over all other digital currencies. However, the extensive list of advantages that Dash has as compared to bitcoin made it a dominating choice in Nigeria. 

Dash transactions are faster than bitcoin transactions because the former just takes a few seconds as compared to the latter. Thus, the retail adoption of Dash is better for day-to-day transactions. Another advantage of the dash is that it costs fewer cents and is consistently cheaper than other cryptocurrencies. It is the second point that contributes to retail transactions. 

The efforts of Dash organization have proved to be fruitful because there are a number of organizations that are accepting dash over other currencies. Even during the bear market, dash has shown prominent growth. 

The uses of the dash are numerous as you can use it at a fashion shop or grab some electronic accessories with it. There are more than 100 stores in Nigeria that are accepting dash currently. While most of these stores are located in the city of Lagos, other cities are catching up with the pace and following the trend. 

Another advantage of the dash is that it integrates with the yellow cards. The yellow card is a startup that enables users to purchase vouchers that they can redeem online. These dash vouchers can be purchased offline at the most reasonable cost price of $1 using yellow cards. 

Later, you can redeem the voucher for dash when you set back on the internet. It is another point that boosts the domination of Dash in Nigeria because it is available in places where the internet connection is not easily available. 

The Spread of Dash

Although the name ‘dash Nigeria’ highlights the use of the currency is dominating in Nigeria but, it is spreading across the borders to neighbouring countries as well. The first target where the currency spread was Ghana because it is technologically the most advanced neighbour of Nigeria. There are several ongoing outreach projects for which various seminars and conferences are being held. 

Kenya is one of the most popular cities in terms of cryptocurrencies. Thus, the organization of dash reached out to Kenya as well where a few notable events were held. One of the most highlighted partnerships of the dash has been with Andela, a Zuckerberg backed startup. Thus, it opened a gateway of opportunities with Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Many renowned merchants have also switched to dash. 

The next target for Dash in Uganda.


There are many issues faced by the organization in spreading awareness regarding dash. The most important issue is regulation and limited internet connectivity. However, the organization faced challenges and managed to get a lot of people on board. Thus, it can be said that dash is dominating in Nigeria, in fact all over Africa. 

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