Is Payment of Transport Fare for Voters by APC Corruption? by Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim


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I always wonder if Nigeria had set the track to tackle corruption?

Corruption is a monster which every Nigeria should talk about when it happened to annihilate the monster of our retrogressive pace.

Corruption does not just mean to subdue or divert fund to own benefit. Corruption means a lot but in Nigeria we are more concern about embezzlement while the minor offence of corruption gratification.

Corruption is simply defined as “the violation or irregular alteration or debasement or subversion of a generally or an officially accepted standard or procedure or method for carrying out a duty or maintaining social, political, administrative, legal and or religious order.”

Corruption has many different colors but it means one thing; offence.

The APC – led government known to be the fighter of corruption in Nigeria is now at the forefront of glaring Nigerians performing it for their political advantage.

As the general election of the 6th of February was postponed and rescheduled, the governor of Kaduna state and other states connived with Union of Roads and Transport Workers to collect half of the transport fares as per as the passengers are APC members.

Meanwhile, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN has been insinuated that it directed its members to reduce their pump price from 22nd of February to the end of the elections even though, the purported announcement was debunked by the union as false and unreliable.

Any state government that unfavour others for his political interest is involed in an act of corruption and EFCC and ICPC should look into this to make sure it is fighting corruption from every angles.

The president has been attacked for his nonchalant attitudes in his fight of corruption. Senator, Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central had once retort that the president is fighting corruption with deodorant when its affect his party men.

The payment of the half transport fare is an act of corruption as listed by ICPC, that, “Collusion (granting preferences to individuals, conflict of interests)” is corruption meanwhile, it includes, ” Abuse of state funds, waste to favour an interest.”

The payment of transport fare token to APC supporters is meritocracy kind of leadership which disrupts the human right law of equal treatment to government benefit.

The preferential treatment sabotages the law of confidential election as people will be exposed to ridicule and taunts because of negating to comply to the conditions that the APC stipulated.

At the spot people will be compel to announce their political preferences just to enjoy the slashed fare which is unethical condition.

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim
The Secretary General, Youths Salvation, Kaduna
[email protected]

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