Italian Millionaire Banker Openly Calls Out Cheating Bride At Lavish Banquet

Italian Millionaire Banker, Massimo Segre, openly embarrassed his unfaithful bride-to-be at their wedding banquet.

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Italian ‘elites’ were left reeling after millionaire banker, Massimo Segre, accused his bride of cheating on him in his speech at their lavish engagement party.

The 64 year old multi-millionaire, gathered distinguished guests at his mansion in Turin, to celebrate his upcoming nuptials to entrepreneur and politician Cristina Seymandi, 47.

But instead of words of undying love, Massimo accused his future wife of cheating, to the shock of Torinese ‘high’ society, before declaring the relationship over in front of the gathered crowd.

At the peak of the lavish banquet, he said: ‘I want to give Cristina the freedom to love.

‘Specifically, to love another person; a notable lawyer, who she clearly cares about more than me.’

‘Dear Cristina, I know how much you are in love with him mentally and sexually,’ he added.

‘And I know that before him you had a relationship with an industrialist acquaintance.’

Embarrassed and visibly shocked, Cristina, rooted to the spot, looked around the room of some 150 guests as her fiance shared photos of her with another man.

‘Don’t think it pleases me to look like a cuckold in front of all of you,’ Massimo continued, clearly devastated by his partner’s alleged betrayal, as a heavy silence fell over the entire audience.

‘Cristina is so good at telling her truths, that I couldn’t leave her alone to narrate the reason why I’m ending [our] life together tonight.

‘It’s a banal story of infidelity, even premarital. I am so disappointed,’ he says. ‘I am heartbroken.’



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