Jill Scott Seeks Divorce After Less than Two Years

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American singer and songwriter, Jill Scott has filed for divorce after less than 18 months of marriage.

In the court documents, the singer says it will be “unsafe” for her to ocntinue living with her husband.

Jill and Mike Dobson got married in June 2016, but the singer who has a prenuptial agreement she wants enforced cites “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.”

Scott had a prenup put in place, so even though she obtained real estate and other assets while they were together, if the prenup is enforced by the court, he won’t be able to get his hands on any of that. According to Bossip‘s report, Dobson is unemployed. He hasn’t responded to her petition for divorce just yet, but in an exclusive with Bossip, Dobson claimed Scott is “evil” and denied violence, cheating and making her engage in unwanted sexual contact.

“She’s an evil woman. I’m telling you. It’s like what Jill Scott wants, Jill Scott gets,” he said. “People are in her ear, and if someone comes in to challenge the dumb sh-t, they made me be the bad guy and that got me outta there.”

“She’s got issues,” Dobson added. “There’s no men in that family, there’s only women. And when a man comes in, it’s like a challenge. She’s made other men look bad, but I’m not the one. I said (to her) ‘you’ve met your match.’ She likes to have men that she can control. You’re not gonna control me. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong.”



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