John Madu’s “An Obscure Fashion for Affection Collection” Turns Heads at Terra Kulture


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Affection is the cross word that connects each human in every place and every time. Whether giving or receiving, it’s an underlying affectation that is part of our beings.

Currently draped on the walls of Terra Kulture’s Art Gallery, John Madu’s An Obscure Fashion for Affection tells an individual story about ‘affection’ and man’s way of weaving the feeling.

Each piece resonates with each and every one of us as one way or the other, we will definitely see ourselves or someone who know in the characters on each painting.

Madu said “Considering the use that we make of the world ‘affection’ in everyday life, it can be inferred that affection is something that can be given to others. We say that we ‘give affection’ or we ‘receive affection’.

“This way it seems that affection may be something that we can provide or receive. On the contrary, emotions are neither given nor taken; they are only experienced by oneself without the requirement of any other person. Emotions described and appreciate the welfare state (survival probability) in which we are.

“My paintings for this exhibition describe an engagement process between my subjects, my dripping colours and quilting technique to describe an emotional state of being affected by an obscure meaning of the word. A play of surrealism, and allegorical symbols act as metaphors in understanding my view point of affection.”

From the mother comforting her child to the young girl holding a piece of flower to young woman struggling to crawl out of her shell, each piece tells a thousand stories.

John Madu also experimented with Akwa-Ocha fabric, the immaculate white wrapper peculiar to the Anioma people of Delta state.

The Akwa-Ocha infusion stemmed from Madu’s background as a fashion designer.

While describing the style of his art, David Oamen, his manager said “most of the time, he has different subjects, there is usually a touch of humanity, something a human being can relate to.”

During the opening, art veteran, Bruce Onobrakpeya was pictured admiring a piece with awe.

An Obscure Fashion for affection collection was exhibited in partnership with The Love Chest.

Kiki Kamanu’s designs were also displayed in perfect sync with the art pieces.

The exhibition will be closing on Sunday, 14th of February, why don’t you take a trip down to Terra Kulture and sink yourself in the allure of affection.

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